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Welcome to Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil!

Experience the Best Resorts in Brazil at Tropical Hotels

A genuine Brazilian company, Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil was completed on August 20th, 2009, its Golden Jubilee. From the beginning, our mission has been "to be more Brazil," respecting and preserving the environment and social and cultural diversity of our hotels’ destinations. 

Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil represents three properties at popular Brazilian hotel destinations, providing quality and unique services to business and leisure travelers looking for a Tropical Vacation experience at a Brazilian hotel. We provide excellent resort accommodations, amenities, business

and banquet events and services, customized to the needs of each valued guest while visiting one of our tropical hotels.

At Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil, our first concern is to ensure a comfortable and quality stay for our guests and to provide superior experiences for our associates, partners and the communities where we operate. We pride ourselves on offering the very best tropical vacation to each and every guest while staying at one of our Brazilian hotels with world-class, luxurious services and amenities.

Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil features three diverse Brazilian hotels, each offering vacation guests different and unique amenities designed to provide the best customer service possible. With more than 860 guest accommodations, these fine tropical hotels offer convenient access near Brazil’s most memorable tropical destinations:

Families and individual travelers will appreciate the specials available at Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil properties. We have over 50 years of experience welcoming guests to our three Brazil properties, known for offering exceptional specials and hosting exclusive guest activities in each resort location.

Ideal for corporate events, Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil will work with you to customize the ideal conference or business event. Our exciting tropical vacation locations range from the biodiversity of the Amazon forest to the wooded João Pessoa. We promise your event will be special and memorable.

Our Mission Statement at Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil is simple:

We offer our customers extraordinary experiences designed with our Tropical Way in mind. At every moment, we welcome and serve patrons with our signature cheerful, friendly and hospitable attitude.