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Enjoy the Gorgeous Destinations Available at Our Unique Brazil Beach Resorts

Visitors to the unique Tropical Manaus Ecoresort will enjoy an unforgettable eco-vacation in the gateway to the majestic Amazon rainforest. Local vegetation is dense and heterogeneous, a fantastic biodiversity. Species unknown to science still hide in the tropical jungle that covers 90% of all area of the Amazonian Region. Manaus is tropical, hot and humid, with an average temperature of 31,4º C (88.5 F). Guests at the Tropical Manaus may choose from a number of enjoyable regional attractions.

The beach resort Tropical Tambaú is built on the sands of Tambaú beach in the land where the sun rises first. This unique tropical hotel offers an outstanding view of the beautiful white sand beaches of João Pessoa. João Pessoa is Paraiba´s state capital city and ‘the second greenest city in the world’. Tropical Tambaú is 23 km from the airport and just 9 km from downtown. Guests at the Tropical Tambau may choose from a number of enjoyable regional attractions during their beach vacation.

Everyone who stays at Tropical Oceano Praia in Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil may choose from a number of enjoyable regional tourist attractions in Brazil during their beach vacation. The old city of Porto Seguro has become one of the Brazilian regions frequented by tourists from all over the world.  Guests at this unique tropical hotel enjoy beaches with crystal clear water and the beautiful Atlantic Forest.  Porto Seguro is located 730 km south of Salvador. In the year 1500 the Portuguese caravels stopped in this region of Bahia.